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Mitsubishi LogoPerhaps you have lost your Mitsubishi car keys and need the car keys to be replaced by new ones? Replacing the lost key is much simpler than you may be thinking. AZ Car Keys are able to come your way right away and replace those Mitsubishi car keys at your preferred location in Phoenix, Arizona.

Replacement Mitsubishi Car Keys In Phoenix, AZ

MitsubishiMitsubishi is, without doubt, one of the leading Japanese automobile brands that are currently in existence. This automaker has for a very long period of time, gained a lasting reputation for going the extra mile to manufacture high quality models, which come with numerous unique and beneficial features. One of these is the highly advanced security features that virtually all modern Mitsubishi models come with. As such, this car maker has made it a point to provide excellent car key security systems, which can thwart theft and also optimize the overall security of the driver. To which end, this article will review the two main types of Mitsubishi car keys, how they work and the benefits they present.

Mitsubishi chip/ transponder car keys

Mitsubishi KeyThis variety of Mitsubishi car keys are at face value pretty ordinary looking in appearance. However, their shafts come fitted with diminutive modules on both their sides. Generally speaking, most individuals usually tend to think that computers are embedded on the sides of these keys. But in reality the Mitsubishi chip/transponder car keys systems are very simplistic, yet highly effective.

How do Mitsubishi chip/transponder car keys work?

Typically, when such a key is inserted in the ignition, its resistors turns into a component of a circuit, which also includes 3 more resistors. In the event that the given key that is inserted in the ignition does not have a resistor, or the resistor possesses the wrong value, the circuit will then deactivate part of the car’s electric system. This will in the long run prevent the Mitsubishi vehicle from starting, which goes a long way in preventing theft as only the right key can be able to switch on the ignition.

Mitsubishi fob car keys

This variety of Mitsubishi car keys are just palm-sized, portable devices, which are in a position of controlling various component of a car. Mitsubishi has developed the free hand advanced security transmitter (FAST) key entry system, whose main function is to effectively manage the remote entry system fitted on their vehicles. Besides locking and unlocking of Mitsubishi car’s doors, these fob keys can also carry several other critical tasks. This includes opening up the trunk’s latch, start the engine’s ignition system, arm or disarm the vehicle’s security system. Control the power windows and even activate the panic system.

How Mitsubishi fob car keys work

Basically in the inside part of the Mitsubishi fob car key’s plastic shell, lies a diminutive circuit board that has a radio transmitter as well as a control chip. Whenever, you press on the button, which is responsible for automatically unlocking or locking the car’s door’s the following happens. To begin with, the fob key relays a code and a command to a receiver that is located within the car. Should the given transmission match the code which has been pre-programmed in the receiver’s memory chip, the command will then be executed. That is the Mitsubishi vehicle’s doors will either be automatically unlocked or locked. As it is, you may like to think of this car security system as been very identical to the remote garage door opener devices, which are currently in the market. The only major difference has been the fact that car fob key come with more advanced features that totally prevent code capturing.

What are benefits of Mitsubishi fob car keys?

Mitsubishi fob car keys do present a wide variety of advantages when it comes to enhancing the optimal security of the models that utilize them. The most important of these is undoubtedly the unmatched convenience they provide to drivers. Instead of having to dig into a pocket or purse to unlock your vehicle, the Mitsubishi FAST key entry system lets you control the doors with just a touch of a button. This naturally makes the unlocking or locking of your car’s doors more stress-free, particularly when your hands are already engaged in carrying a child or even groceries.

Secondly, the FAST key entry system features a panic button to enhance your personal safety as a driver. Whenever, you hit on this button on the Mitsubishi fob key, the vehicle’s alarm system will be triggered, making the horn to honk and the lights to flash. This can be a veritable lifesaver in the event of someone trying to assault or carjack you as the noise and lights can scare off the perpetrator. On the other hand, they can also attract the attention of passersby who can come to your help.

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Mitsubishi Models

Mitsubishi SUV Models

  • Mitsubishi Montero Sport
    • GLS 2WD A/T
    • GLS Premium 2WD A/T
    • GLS 4WD M/T
    • GT 4WD A/T
  • Mitsubishi Outlander (Formerly Airtrek)
  • Mitsubishi Pajero
    • GLS 3.8G 4WD A/T
    • GLS 3.2D 4WD A/T

Mitsubishi MPV Models

  • Mitsubishi Adventure also known as Mitsubishi Freeca
    • 2.5L TX M/T
    • 2.5L GX M/T
    • 2.5L GLX M/T
    • 2.5L GLS Sport M/T
    • 2.5L Super Sport M/T
  • Mitsubishi RVR

Mitsubishi Sedan Models

  • Mitsubishi ASX Model
    • GLS 4×2 CV/T
    • GSR 4×2 CV/T
  • Mitsubishi Aspire (8th Generation of Galant Model)
  • Mitsubishi Carisma (1995–2004)
  • Mitsubishi Debonair (1964–1998)
  • Mitsubishi Diamante also known as Magna, Sigma, V3000, Verada (1990–2005)
  • Mitsubishi Dignity (1999–2001)
  • Mitsubishi Emeraude (7th Generation of Galant Model)
  • Mitsubishi Eterna Sava (Pillarless Sedan Model)
  • Mitsubishi Eterna Sigma (1983–1989)
  • Mitsubishi Eterna (5th Generation of Galant Model)
  • Mitsubishi Galant
  • Mitsubishi Galant Sigma (1969–2012)
  • Mitsubishi Galant Sports (1994–1996)
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Cedia (2000–2007)
  • Mitsubishi Lancer (1973–present)
    • EX GLX M/T
    • EX GLX A/T
    • EX MX A/T
    • EX GT-A 2.0 CV/T
  • Mitsubishi Mirage
    • 1.2 GLX M/T
    • 1.2 GLX CV/T
    • 1.2 GLS M/T
    • 1.2 GLS Special Edition M/T
    • 1.2 GLS CV/T
  • Mitsubishi Mirage G4
    • G4 GX M/T
    • G4 GLX M/T
    • G4 GLX CV/T
    • G4 GLS M/T
    • G4 GLS CV/T
  • Mitsubishi Proudia
  • Mitsubishi Sigma
  • Mitsubishi Tredia

Mitsubishi Truck and Pick up Models

  • Mitsubishi Strada
    • GL 4×2 M/T
    • GLX 4×2 M/T
    • GL 4×4 M/T
    • GLX V 4×2 A/T
    • GLS V 4×4 M/T
    • GLS V 4×4 A/T

Mitsubishi Wagon Models

  • Mitsubishi Libero

Other Mitsubishi Models

  • Mitsubishi Delica (1968–present)
  • Mitsubishi Cordia (1982–1990)
  • Mitsubishi Chariot (1983–2003)
  • Mitsubishi Challenger (1996–2008)
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse (1989–2011)
  • Mitsubishi eK (2001–present)
  • Mitsubishi FTO (1994–2000)
  • Mitsubishi GTO (1990–2001)
  • Mitsubishi i Miev (2009–present)
  • Mitsubishi Legnum
  • Mitsubishi L200
    • 4X2 (Single Cab Chassis) M/T
  • Mitsubishi L300
    • Deluxe CC w/ FB Body & Dual AC opt. M/T
    • Exceed CC w/ FB body & Dual AC opt. M/T
    • Exceed XV Dual AC M/T

Mitsubishi Concept Models

  • Mitsubishi XM
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