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Car Key Services For These Ford Models

Car key professionals are cheaper to hire if you ever lose your Ford car keys. Replacing the lost car key is less of a challenge than it might seem. Our technicians have become the most highly trained Ford key replacement pros in Phoenix AZ.

Cars keys have the habit of getting lost underneath couch cushions or coat pockets. At times, you might be lucky to find them but on some bad hair days, they seem to disappear forever. Unlike in the 90s, it’s hard to get Ford Car keys replacements/spares from any hardware store, car dealership or locksmith shop. The main reason for this was that it was extremely easy to copy car keys in the 90s.

Today, high technology advancement makes it very hard to copy Ford car keys. This has minimized car theft cases but has made it very expensive for one to replace his/her lost keys. The good news is that some locksmiths offer Ford key Replacement services at an affordable price.

History of Ford Car Keys

Ford KeyThe first Ford car keys came with a red chip system. Here, the transponder chip was made from clear glass and hidden inside the head of the key. These keys had a small red square at their top right corner hence the name. The master key for the red chip system had a complete redhead.

After some time, the red keys were replaced by the Blue keys which also came with a transponder. Blue keys were more advanced and they aren’t entirely blue.

How Much Does Car Key Replacement For Ford Car Keys Cost?

In most cases, a replacement key for a Ford vehicle will run between $85.00 and $500.00 depending on the model and year of your vehicle. A majority of the keys land somewhere in the middle of those two numbers.

The latest Ford keys come with a more sophisticated black carbon chip but have the blue corner. Knowing the type of your Ford keys will make replacement faster and easier for locksmiths.

Types of Ford Car Keys

There are three main types of Ford keys:

· Ford Tibbe key

· HU101 Laser key

· HU66 Laser Key

Ford Tibbe Key

This is the most common Ford car key. It comes with a cylindrical shaped blade with 6 notches at the tip. These notches are cut into 4 different depths that operate the lock and are unique to only one vehicle. The key can be a remote locking key’ or a standard manual key’.

The remote key has 3 buttons – early models used two buttons. As of 2007, the Ford Transit has been using a blue remote key that resembles the older systems but can’t be manually programmed.

Tibbe keys are easy to replace. The locksmith will use a lock pick to gain access to your car. Once open, the depths of the lock will provide all the information necessary to cut a key. The process takes only 2 minutes.

Ford HU101 Laser Key

New Ford models operate with these keys. Their metal blade is flat and rectangular with a uniquely shaped groove cut down on each side. They can be manual or remote. These keys are more secure and hence harder to pick. At times, for a new key to be cut, the lock has to be removed.

Ford HU66 Laser Key

The HU66 Laser key system was implemented in the Ford Galaxy model shortly after its takeover. It’s much more complicated than the other two key systems.

Keys that can be replaced?

Our highly trained technicians are able to replace Ford keys for any model in today’s market. The diagnostics equipment available at our company is able to reproduce remote fobs for central locking and program Ford transponder keys. Here is a list of the common models we deal with:

· Ford Cougar

· Ford Granada

· Ford Galaxy

· Ford Scorpio

· Ford Explorer

· Ford Transit

· Ford Transit connect

· Ford S Max

· Ford C Max

· Ford Fusion

· Ford Ka

· Ford Fiesta / Courier / Fiesta Van

· Ford Puma

· Ford Escort / Escort van

· Ford Orion

· Ford Focus

· Ford Mondeo

What to do when you lose your Ford keys

The best thing about AZ Car Keys is that we can program new Ford Keys without the master key. This implies that we can supply you with a new key at a cheaper price than that of the main dealer. An additional advantage is that our technicians will come to you hence you don’t have to worry about towing expenses.

What about spare keys?

If you need a spare key for your car, we’ve got you covered. No matter how sophisticated a Ford car key is, it can be cut and programmed at your car within minutes. Getting a spare key is way cheaper than getting a new one.

Ford Sedan and Hatchback Models/Types

Ford Falcon
Ford Fiesta
Ford Figo
Ford Focus
Ford Fusion
Ford Ikon
Ford Ka
Ford Mondeo
Ford Mustang
Ford Taurus

Ford MPV Models/Types

Ford C-MAX
Ford S-Max
Ford Galaxy

Ford SUV’s & Crossover Car Models/Types

Ford Escape
Ford EcoSport
Ford Edge
Ford Flex
Ford Everest
Ford Explorer
Ford Expedition
Ford Kuga
Ford Territory
Ford Transit Connect

Ford Vans and Trucks Car Models/Types

Ford Cargo
Ford Courier
Ford F-Series
Ford E-Series Wagon
Ford Explorer Sport Trac
Ford LCF
Ford Ranger
Ford Super Duty

Car Key Replacement – Spare Keys – Programming – Cutting

We service the entire valley and we come to you. YES! This is a mobile service. Our locksmiths have been trained to handle almost every car key ever made. AZ Car Keys makes replacing a lost key simple, painless, and cost-effective.


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