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How Much Does a Locksmith Charge To Program a Key Fob?

Nowadays, most vehicles come standard with a key fob or remote fob. There is also a remote fob attached to the key that locks and unlocks the vehicle and the trunk or back hatch from a distance with many car keys. Conveniently unlocking all doors of a vehicle with one key fob makes it so much faster. During rainy days, this is especially helpful. 

The hassle of reprogramming your key fob, on the other hand, is not convenient. A professional will be needed if your key fob is lost, broken, or the battery dies. There is a cost to that. Choosing an automotive locksmith or going to the dealership of the car’s manufacturer is your choice. 

What is the better choice: a dealer or a locksmith?

Is it more convenient to go to a dealer or a locksmith based on one consideration: are you trying to save money? Skip the dealership and go to a locksmith instead if you want to pay less for key fob programming. Compared to a dealership, a locksmith offers lower prices.

Save money by calling a locksmith for your vehicle

There is no doubt that locksmith services are less expensive, but you may still wonder about the costs. What is the cost of programming a key fob by a locksmith? Depending on the model, the price can range between $50 and $200. Several factors determine the actual price, including: 

Type of Key Fobs

Keyless ignition and transponder keys may require more programming than simple key fobs. The car can only be started with a transponder key, which contains a computer chip. If your vehicle has a computer chip, you may not be able to reprogram a key fob from another vehicle. 

Make and Model of Car

The process of reprogramming a key fob can be complex with some manufacturers. Having that level of security is excellent, but replacing or reprogramming a key fob increases the cost of the system. 

Typical locksmith service charges in your area.

The survival of the locksmith business depends on staying competitive with one another. The average cost of key fob programming services can differ from state to state or city to city. Regardless of where you live, you will still save money using a locksmith instead of the local dealership. 

Programming Your Key Fob When It’s Needed

It is possible for key fob programming to be necessary for several different situations. Some of these situations include:

A key fob has been lost.

Having an old key fob reprogrammed to work with your current vehicle is one way to save money if you lose your key fob. In some cases, if your key fob and vehicle are complex enough, you can do this. In addition to ordering generic key fobs, you can also program them to work with most makes and models of vehicles. 

The key fob is broken.

Occasionally, your key fob may need to be reprogrammed if it becomes damaged or ceases to work. In addition, keys can be lost if they are submerged in water, or something else goes wrong. It is sometimes possible to repair and reprogram key fobs, but you may have to replace them if the damage is too extensive. 

There is a dead battery in your key fob.

You may not be able to replace the battery alone if the key fob battery dies completely. Once the battery is replaced, a completely dead battery will result in the key fob losing its memory, requiring it to be reprogrammed. 

By Using a Locksmith, you can program your key fob at a lower cost

If your key fob develops any problems, call an automotive locksmith instead of spending money on replacement parts. Many locksmiths specialize in automotive lock and key services for all makes and models of vehicles. They are less expensive than dealerships when it comes to reprogramming your key fobs. You can save money by hiring a Locksmith for your automotive key needs.

August 4, 2021
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