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How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Car Key?

It is a very good question. In the past, especially if you got an old car or your car was not common, it might not have been easy to find a replacement from the dealership. Nowadays, most cars come with spare keys, and replacements can be ordered online and sent relatively easily. However, it should also be noted that there may be some additional costs such as extra keys and new locks depending upon the type of car and dealer.

The first thing to do is check with your dealer to see what they offer as standard service as some will replace lost/stolen/damaged keys free of charge, while other dealerships tend to set up an additional fee for this service.

Depending upon the type of key, some are simple push-pins that can be easily replaced at a low cost, whereas others may need to be cut by someone who has specialized equipment to do this. Better dealerships should have cutting machines on their premises so that keys can be made quickly and efficiently.

If you find that your key needs to be cut, it is usually more expensive as the locksmith will have to come out to you with their equipment. They will normally charge an hourly rate, which would work up into a set fee for their time, taking into account travel costs. This could vary greatly depending upon where you live/work, but prices start from around $50 upwards per hour or even higher in very populated areas.

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“This is more than likely why some people try to cut keys themselves with household tools which can be very ineffective and, worse still, damaging. Replacing the locking system on some cars can also be expensive depending on the car brand you have purchased.”

If it is determined that cutting a new key would cost too much or you cannot use your car for any reason, then most dealerships will either attempt to re-program your old key or even give you one of theirs to use while yours is being cut/replaced. This service again varies greatly from one dealer to another, with prices starting from $50 upwards per visit, although this could increase if parking charges are high in your area.

“If you are looking at getting a spare key made, then you may have to pay additional fees for new locks/fobs, which can be anything from $40 upwards per item. It is always advisable to check with your dealership on this.”

On average, costs range from around $65 upwards; however, do keep in mind that if many keys are being made or existing locks are changed, etc., some dealerships may charge up to double this price.

For the sake of safety, it is always best to ask at the dealership first as they will have specialist equipment and knowledge on how much it could cost. This way, you would avoid any potential problems where things go wrong at certain prices. They will also know their products and services more accurately.

In addition to this, the dealership will also have correct technicians who can carry out this service safely and efficiently, which would include anything from cutting a key to replacing a complete locking system. It is better to go with the main dealer for these repairs as they tend to be more experienced and professional in their work. This way, you keep your warranty intact, and you know that everything has been done correctly. Other garages or even individuals may try to replace a lock only on the door, which means there could still be problems with the car later on without you knowing it until it is too late.

“There are several different ways of how locks can go wrong, so if you have one specific problem, then it might be better to go with a specialist who deals with that type of issue.”

Yes, it is perfectly safe to have your dealership cut the locks on your car as long as they are experienced.

Garages out there tend to be cheaper because they haven’t got the same equipment or knowledge; therefore, their prices will vary greatly for larger things such as replacing locking systems. If you have a minor fault, then it might be easier for smaller garages. Still, if any large work needs doing, it would be safer and more reliable to go with an established dealership than someone who doesn’t usually do this type of work.

“If you are still unsure about where best to take your car, then speak to someone at your dealership first before making a decision. They will be able to give you advice and be able to tell you everything that they can do for a price.”

Having someone cut a key for your car is not going to invalidate any warranty if the work is carried out at the main dealership. The only time it wouldn’t be covered would be if you get someone else to make/cut the key yourself or it isn’t done in full, meaning that some things weren’t replaced, etc.

“If you want an extra copy of your current key, then this should still fall under warranty unless there was a problem with the original key when it was made, i.e., missing parts. If the manufacturer has used a code/signature system, then this could also affect whether or not it will be covered.”

Well, you can bring your car to a dealership, and they will make an extra copy of the key for you. You might have to pay for this service, but otherwise, it should still fall under warranty which is usually anywhere up to 3 years depending on the type of vehicle.

Key cutting varies greatly on what kind of dealer or garage you are using, so always check first before any work starts. If anything goes wrong, please contact the manufacturer as soon as possible to get it resolved properly without too much fuss. It is also advisable that if you have bought a second-hand car, ask them where they had their keys cut just in case there are problems later down the. They shouldn’t mind providing this information as it is usually considered common practice.

“If you do choose to go for this service at a dealership, then they should cut the keys correctly so that they work properly, and there should be no reason why your repairs/warranty wouldn’t be covered.”

There are several different types of locks on cars, depending on the year and model; therefore, it might be better to go with a specialist who deals with that type of issue if you have one specific problem. This is because some garages only specialize in certain things, such as repairing ignition switches or doorknobs. If any other fault arises, you will need to take it elsewhere, however large or small the problem may be.

If something goes wrong with the car, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly for them to look at what has happened. They are usually very good at providing this type of service and should be able to get your problem sorted out within a reasonable amount of time, so you don’t have to spend too long without your vehicle.

January 18, 2022
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