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Can I Get A Key Made From The VIN Number?

What is a VIN?

Vehicle Identification Number Keys are used to open the door of a vehicle. Each manufacturer has its own system, but they are generally known as VIN Keys, Vehicle Identification Number Keys, Car Keys, Moped Keys, or Motorcycle Keys.

Replacement Car Keys

VIN keys can be identified by their large size and squared-off backs that fit perfectly into the ignition lock. They have at least one raised number on either side of the key’s blade. This is the “vehicle identification number” which will identify your make, model, and year of car to any locksmith specialist.

It’s important to know that it’s currently illegal in the US to possess a VIN key unless you are a professional locksmith, or have a locksmith business. It’s important to know that a professional locksmith will have a license to practice legally and will be able to help you gain entry to your vehicle. If you’re not a locksmith and own a VIN key, you could face criminal charges and prosecution for handling stolen goods.

To better understand what a VIN key is, let’s take a look at how it got its name. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-digit code that identifies a car in the same manner as your fingerprint does. The VIN is a unique set of numbers and letters that is assigned by the manufacturer to a car. It can be found behind the windscreen of a car on the driver’s side of the dashboard.

A VIN key contains a raised number on either side of the blade that corresponds to the order in which it was manufactured, while an alphanumeric code gives its specific identity. For example: 1GCEK14Z710000000064

It is difficult to get a new key made from just your car’s VIN. It will be very expensive unless you go to a locksmith who has all 17 digits of your VIN programmed into their computer so they can cut you a new key quickly and easily at an affordable price. Unfortunately, not many locksmiths have this ability and would simply need to program each digit one at a time making programming keys extremely expensive.

If you just need a new vehicle key, not a VIN key, possibly due to an accident or damage caused by your car’s old key, you can look for the nearest locksmith in your area. They will be able to cut and program a new replacement key so you’ll be ready to drive.

A few questions that might arise:

  • How much does it cost? It costs $65 for one car key or $100 for two keys from many major locksmiths . This excludes any further work required by the locksmith such as fobs, chip keys etc.
  • Can I get a spare key made from my VIN? Yes! If you have the full 17 digits of your VIN number then a leading locksmith company can create a spare key for you.
  • When should I get a new car key? You might want to consider getting a new car key if yours is:
  • Worn and damaged (signs of wear may be unpredictable ignition or doors not unlocking)
  • Doesn’t work properly (e.g. The lock gets stuck, making it difficult to open your vehicle)
  • Lost or stolen (A locksmith will create a replacement based on the details contained within the VIN ) Make sure that when buying a replacement key from a leading locksmith company , you check which symbols are included in their price list as some companies charge extra.

Can I get a Key cut from the VIN Number?

A car key can be generated with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN number) as long as you can show ownership of your automobile. When a key code is extracted from a vehicle’s VIN number, a car key may be created.

You can get a key made from the VIN number at the dealer, but the cost will be much more than getting one custom cut that fits your car.

You need a vehicle identification number (VIN) to get a key made from the VIN number. It’s required by law for security purposes. The only way you can get a key made from the VIN number is to go to a locksmith or your dealer.

Other facts about VIN Numbers

  • The VIN number will have a certain number of key codes programmed in it. This is not safe or practical. Even if we did this it would cost you more than double the price of what we charge and require a dealer part and programming which can end up being expensive.
  • The VIN number is only good for one key code and each vehicle has a limited amount of key codes it can store. Once a key code is used in a vehicle, the VIN number cannot be used again for another car or truck.
  • The VIN number only provides information on the vehicle itself, not the key code for that specific car. If you lose your keys and you need a replacement made, we can make a copy of the existing key and program it to your car when we give it back to you. The VIN number will not work again because it was used for this key. The only way to have another key made is to have us cut a new key or go through the dealer.
  • They are not interchangeable. A Honda key will not work in a Toyota and vice versa. Each car and truck has a specific key with a specific profile and if these do not match, the keys will not work.
  • Even though you may have two of the same car and truck models, they may vary in size or shape which means one key cannot fit both models. Also, not all keys are alike. One car key cannot work in any other vehicle even if they are the same make and model.
  • The locksmith is not responsible if the key is lost because we cut it from the VIN number. Once we cut a key and give it back to you, it’s your responsibility until you hand it over to someone else. Keep the VIN number in a safe place and provide this to us when placing your order.
  • The locksmith can get you a new key using your VIN number and programmed to your vehicle, but this is a more expensive option.
January 11, 2022
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