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Most Expensive Car Keys In The World

In the past, you could get a duplicated key for a few bucks, but with technology, today, car keys can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. That’s right, $200 to replace a Ford or Nissan car key may seem expensive to some people, but a fraction of the cost compared to those on this list.

Some of the world’s most expensive key fobs and car keys are mentioned in this article. If you think $1,000 sounds crazy, wait until you learn about the car keys ranging between $10,000 and $20,000 ranges. Welcome to the expensive world of luxury vehicles.

The finest details and latest technology come with a high price tag and expensive accessories such as the best computer chips and circuit boards. For example, you can get a custom Porsche key that mirrors your vehicle. A custom car key like this not only looks neat, it’s often a one of a kind, and with that comes a higher price tag.

You may ask why, but men love their cars like women love diamonds and gold. That is why companies successfully release upgrades so frequently. Here are the most expensive car keys and key fobs around the world, and most require a computer chip to be professionally programmed to your car. Of course, the sky is the limit!

BMW I8 Futuristic Car Key

The futuristic BMW key fob will cost you $1,000 or more. There are many unique features of the i8 key fob, making it expensive and fun to play with too.

New BWM 7-Series Key fob Features:

  1. Connects via Bluetooth to the BMW i8.
  2. Equipped with a 2.2″ LCD touchscreen.
  3. Connects to the car’s computer to transfer data, including car temperature, gas level, and various other information.
  4. Allows for remotely parking while outside the vehicle.

Pagani Huyara Car Key

The Pagani Huyara has a $1.1 million price tag, and the cost of the key fob is around $3,700.

The key itself is designed to replicate the car’s shape and is made from the same metal. Yes, the key fob is a miniature Pagani model! It pulls apart, with one side being the car key and the other being a USB drive to the car’s audio system.

Bentley Diamond Flip Key

Many men dream of owning a Bentley, with a price of $200,000 and up. Some of the most expensive keys in the world were designed by Alexander Amosu, and that includes the 101 diamond-filled Bentley keys. This particular key was designed with detail to highlight the Bentley wing logo.

The diamonds total 1.09 carats and the key costs just under $8,000!

Bejeweled Ferrari Car Key

The Ferrari is a luxury car with a quarter-million-dollar starting price. They are among the most popular and desired of the sports care category, but they are one of the few to still use a traditional key vs. electronic key fobs.

Although simple in design, it is still well customized by a London jewel designer Camael. This particular key was custom fitted with 1160 tiny diamonds, with a total of 7 carats the price of the key is rather high. Although others use similar designs, it was first used on Ferrari.

Traditional costs for Ferrari keys range between $200 and $400, but this design will run about $24,000.

AMV OX2 Aston Martin DB9 Transponder Car Key

Since its release in 2008, only 100 of these electronic watch style keys have been produced. Due to the rarity, the key has a $34,000 value, and there are reports of Aston Martin owners purchasing a spare key for up to $47,000.

Not only is the design unique and flashy as a watch, but the features it provides are also interesting as it tells time and connects to the car. In fact, it can be seen in James Bond films.

The watch tells time, opens the Aston Martin DB9 doors, and depending on where you press on the responsive surface of the watch, you can obtain various vehicle information and flare the headlights. Another benefit of the design is, wearing your key fob on your wrist, the chance of losing it is reduced, and you probably won’t forget it in the car.

Koenigsegg Agera Car Key

At $2.8 million, this is the most expensive supercar on the list. The key is shaped like the Swedish manufacturer’s logo. It is known as the most expensive car key in the world at this time, and while not a factory option, there is an Agera key boasting about 40 carats of diamonds.

This brings the cost of this exclusive key fob to $250,000 because it’s one of a kind it even more desirable.

August 31, 2021
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